Galvanized Steel Solar Tank


Working Principle of Solar Water Heater:
1. This system uses the principle of thermosiphon, Solar vacuum tube is plugged into the bottom of water tank;
2. The water is filled inside the solar vacuum tube, solar vacuum tube transmit solar energy to heat energy;
3. The temperature of water inside solar vacuum tube is rising, as the thermosiphon principle;
4. The hot water rise up, and arrive in the water tank, the cold water inside the water tank go down the solar vacuum tube,
5. So the system runs by this circulation way until the water become very hot. It’s a green product.

Features of Solar Water Heater:
1. Super energy-efficient solar vacuum tube, high efficient heat collection.
2. Automatic high temperature and high pressure foam insulation, better insulation solutions, more durable.
3. Simple structure, easy plug-in installation, can be installed both on flat and inclined roof.
4. Galvanized color steel tanks profiles, classic supporting structure design.
5. The water inlet or out let can be set up as your asked.
6. Intelligent controller or electrical heat element can be chosen for this system, according to your requirement.
7. Designed with additional water tank enable more convenient water filling.
8. Eco-friendly and energy saving products.

Applicable places of Solar Water Heater:
1. Hotels, resorts, hospitals and hostels
2. Process industry, boiler feed, laundry and canteens
3. Agricultural sector, hatcheries and dairies
4. Swimming pool heating
5. Health clubs (Steam /Sauna)

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