About Us

SOLAR SOLUTIONS is a Qatari enterprise established in 2014 in the State of Qatar, with a sole aim to provide eco-friendly energy solutions for the various everyday needs & requirements of energy. Using European technology, our solar products are manufactured in china by companies that possess strong capital, technology and scale strength. Their professional advanced production equipment and production line is strictly according to ISO9001 quality system, master with international standard.

Solar Panel

Our partners in China are committed to the development of inexhaustible green power – solar energy, under

In a world of limited resources, the biggest difference that can be made is in the area of energy efficiency. That’s the beauty of solar and that is where we shine. Solar energy systems generate power from the sun, storing that energy for later use when we need it. We’re committed to providing the best solar Energy Solutions to promote a world powered by sustainable energy.

We believe that the future belongs to those who take control of their energy resources. Energy security enables you to be as self-reliant as you want to be, leaving you less vulnerable to aging infrastructure, unpredictable weather, energy price volatility. We want to spread the environment-friendly energy solution to secure energy resources.


SOLAR SOLUTIONS, we subscribe to an integrated and holistic approach incorporating energy efficiency and resource conservation into system design. We focus on a Regenerative Future because what we do today impacts tomorrow.


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