100W Solar Bridgelux LED Flood Light LED
LED Chip: Bridgelux COBIOOW
Solar Panel: 15v 24w, polycrystalline
Battery Type: Lithium ion 11.1V 9.6AH
Charging time: 6-8 hours Discharging/working time: 12 hours
Color Temperature. 6000-6500K
Luminous Efficiency: 1001m/w Color Rendering Index: >85Ra LED
Life Span: 50000 hrs. IP Rating: IP65
Material: Die-casting Aluminum Alloy
Power Factor: PF>0.96
Certificate: CE, RoHS, SAA, EMC, LVD Lamp Size:328•280*80mm Installation
Height: 8-10m Packaging Detail: Standard Carton Package

50W Solar Bridgelux LED Flood Light LED
Chip: Bridgelux COB5OW
Solar Panel: 15V 15W, polycrystalline
Battery Type: Lithium ion 11.1V 4.8AH
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Discharging/working timc:c12 hours
Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
Luminous Efficiency: 1001m/w
Color Rendering Index: >85Ra LED Life Span: 50000 hrs.
IP Rating: IP65
Material: Die-casting Aluminum Alloy
Power Factor. PF>0.96
Certificate: CE, RoHS, SAA, EMC, LVD Lamp
Size:280’2304’61mm Installation
Height: 5-8m,
Packaging Detail: Standard Carton Package

7W Solar LED Flood Light LED
Lamp: 7W Bridgelux LED 6000K-6500K
Solar Panel: 6V 10W, Polycrystalline
Battery Type: Lithium-Ian 3.7V 8.8AH
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Discharging/working time: 10 – 12 hours
Lumen: 1601m/w
Material: Aluminum alloy
Lamp size:01884’58mm
Installation Height: 3-6m
Dimension: 350*230*90mm
Certificate: CE, ROHS, EMC, LVD, IP6S,

Solar powered flood lights are one of the best buys you can make for your home or business. LED technology means that your flood lights will be super-bright. Whatever you need your flood lights for – security, backyard, safety, pond, deck, external walls or business shop fronts – solar powered LED floods will give you a more cost-effective way to a brighter light.

Not only that, being solar powered, modern LED floods are both cheap to run and offer more freedom as to where you can mount them, since you don’t need access to power mains. And, in the event of any power outages in your neighborhood, your solar powered flood lights will keep on shining when you need them most

Solar powered flood lights are very flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications including:

As security lights for your home
As backyard lights for use when you are walking to your house
As staircase lighting
As an effective way to scare off birds and animals from your garden
Dimmable solar lights can be used to illuminate your plants, monuments or even house
Since solar powered flood lights are relatively new fixtures, there are some great and not-so-great varieties in the market today. When buying solar floodlights, there are some important factors that you need to take into account. These include:

One of the first things you ought to consider when buying a solar floodlight is the area that you would like illuminated. This will determine the floodlight type, the brightness required, and the durability needs. If you need to light your front door as you approach the house, a solar floodlight equipped with a motion sensor will instantly turn on the light and help you safely approach the door. Since this is small area, the lamp does not have to provide a wide angle of illumination. If you need to light your whole house, garden or lawn, however, you will need a larger lamp with a wider angle of illumination.

A good solar floodlight should be able to provide continuous light for about 30-40 hours, though some exceptional floodlights can provide continuous light for more than 70 hours when fully charged, more than enough to illuminate your paths, walkways and other outdoor spaces from dusk to dawn. Check and ensure the LED diodes are specified to run for more than 50,000 hours, translating to more than 2000 days, or 6 years of continuous use. This means that if you use your floodlights 12 hours a day every night, the best solar-powered floodlights should be able to serve you for 12 years with only occasional battery changes. Most people use solar floodlights for just a few hours every day so they should be able to last even longer than that. The batteries should not be a big problem since most solar floodlights use standard AA or AAA rechargeable that are quite inexpensive.

The amount of light your LED floodlight will produce is definitely an important consideration since some floodlights are bright enough to cover your entire lawn while others are only bright enough to cover your door area. The amount of light energy is expressed in lumens. For instance, a 23-watt solar floodlight might produce about 1500 lumens while a low powered one might only produce about 900 lumens. It’s possible to get very-high power solar floodlights that are capable of producing 5,920 lumens. Low voltage (around 6 Volts) solar floodlights are mostly powered by a couple of Ni-MH batteries while higher voltage (7.4 Volts or more) are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer than the other types. As a general rule, the higher the wattage of the lamp, the higher the lumens produced and the brighter it will be. It is however, possible to find solar floodlights that consume low amounts of power but are just as bright or in some cases brighter than other lamps that consume more energy. Of course you would be best served by buying the most efficient lamp that produces lots of light without draining your batteries too fast.

It’s usually advisable to look for solar floodlights that have manual override for the photosensor. This allows you to flip the light off when you don’t need to use it. Otherwise the lamp will come on automatically at night.

There are several types of solar floodlights available in the market today ranging from floodlights with motion sensors, lights with external solar panels, all-in-one floodlights, landscape floodlights and security floodlights. Security floodlights are the most commonly used solar-powered floodlights today. They vary from the other types due to their motion sensors which automatically turn the light on when triggered. The sensitivity of security floodlights is adjustable on some lamps. Hybrid flood lights have an option for a solar panel and wired cable power. This allows you to use mains power for the lamp when the solar battery gets drained. This is a good lamp to use in areas where it’s extremely cloudy to an extent that the solar battery is unable to charge adequately during the day. The external solar panel light differ from other solar floodlights in that they have a separate solar panel that connects using a cable allowing the lamp to be placed in one location and the panel in a different location.

Solar powered flood lights are frequently exposed to harsh weather elements including the sun, rain, snow and ice. The body of the solar light should be made of robust material with adequate UV protection. Highgrade polycarbonates are usually the best because of their ability to resist degradation by the elements and their lightweight. Aluminum lamps are also very durable. The light should be designed to resist high impact to avoid breaking easily when stressed.

The floodlight should have a wide range of angle of illumination, and should ideally be capable of giving up to 180-degree angle if desired. The lamp should be capable of being mounted horizontally or vertically to provide you with ample flexibility and a wider range of applications.

Check the waterproof rating of the lamp before buying. A rating of 1P56 is considered good enough. IP stands for International Protection; the first digit (5) indicates the amount of physical force the light is capable of withstanding. In this case, a rating of 5 indicates the light can withstand moderate force from solid objects such as when your kids hit the lamp with a ball. The second digit (6) indicates that the light can withstand strong jets of water, such as when you accidentally hit the lamp with water from your garden hose when watering your lawn. A light with this kind of rating should be able to withstand harsh weather and is safe for use in most outdoor applications.

Many modern solar powered flood lights have motion sensors that can be adjusted to respond to varying degrees of movement.These are perfect if you are purchasing solar powered flood lights with the intention of using it as a security light. Once the sensors pick up any movement, the light will come on, hopefully warding off any potential invaders and alerting others to their movement. As solar powered flood lights don’t need to be connected to any mains electricity, they can be placed almost anywhere. This makes them perfect for security use, for example along walls of small alley ways, outside business premises, or areas between house and garage. Some of our LED solar flood lights specifications and pictures are below and we can supply, delivery and installation supervision for any type of solar flood light.