Defining Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are gradually replacing widely used traditional public street lights. They have a crystalline silicon solar battery to supply power, a maintenance-free controlled battery to store electricity, an ultra-bright LED lamp as light source. And they are controlled by a smart charging and discharging controller.

Composition of solar street lights

Solar lighting solutions are made up of a LED lamp, for optimal illumination, a solar panel, to capture sun rays, a storage battery, a solar street lamp controller, a lamp pole and so on. The main products are a single crystal silicon and a poly-crystalline silicon solar panel, a powerful LED source, a controller set in the lamp pole , a storage battery, a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery and gel battery (put underground or some certain incubator).

How do solar street lights work?

The solar panel, under the control of the intelligent controller, collects solar energy and converts it into electricity when sun rays hit solar cells. The storage battery is charged by the solar battery in daytime, and then it powers the LED lamp in nighttime. Controller plays a very important role in protecting storage battery from being overcharged or over-discharged.

Advantages of solar street lights

1. It is easier to install a solar street light than other kind of street lights. You just need to make up cement, dig a one-meter-deep hole and then bolt it. So the complex lines which are essential to other lamps will never be of necessity to solar street light

2. Solar street lamp brings long-term benefits. With a simple circuit, solar street light can save the cost of maintenance and a large amount of electricity.

3. Solar street lamp, a kind of clean energy, accelerates the development of human ecology residential district and reduces property management cost. As a result, solar street light has advantages in environment protecting, energy saving, being free of maintenance and easy in installation.

4. Solar street lights have a longer serving life than other ordinary street lights. It can serve about 5 to 10 years compared to a low pressure sodium lamp, with 18,000 hours service.

The pictures and the datasheet specifications below are for some of our solar street lights and we can provide any model according to the customer enquiry

All in One LED Solar Street Lights

Integrated Solar Street Lights means the Solar Panel, the LED light and the battery are molded into a single unit, it’s easy to install since there is no wiring, just have to mount it and it’s done. All-in-one solar street lights automatically switch off during the day for recharging and gradually turn back on when night falls. All-in-one solar street lights are likewise great for illuminating entrances, perimeters, pathways, car parks, playgrounds, courtyards, and even remote areas where wiring is not possible.